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Hello, I am Stacy, Founder of Toryen Brand Microfiber Cloth. I have spent over a decade searching for the most simple and effective Cleaning Cloth. Why? Because I wanted to do my job as a Cleaning Lady flawlessly, but faster and with less effort. I am excited to be sharing Toryen today to help YOU get YOUR cleaning done, easier and faster! We hope you fall in love with our Microfiber Cloths

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The Most Versatile Microfiber Available


You can use Toryen Cleaning Cloths to clean with  your favorite cleaning solutions on all washable surfaces. 

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The Cleaning Power is in our Tightly Woven Fibers!

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Wash Dry & Polish

We are all about keeping things simple. Nothing is easier than knocking out three different steps with one swipe! Meet Toryen - the only cloth to satisfy even the wildest cleaning dreams. No more washing with the scrubby cloth, drying with the purple rag and polishing with the fluffy buffer.


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"I am a neat freak, but that being said I do not want to clean all day, I want to clean effectively and quickly.  Toryen is completely different from any other mirco cleaning cloth I have ever tried.  This cloth is great to use.  I dampened the cloth, and wiped down anything and everything in my home.  There is NO lint, and the cloth does not snag on your hands as other micro cloths do .  You can use any cleaner with the cloth, and throw it in the washing machine and dryer when you are done. Thank you for using your years of cleaning experience to make a great product!"                          -Michelle

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The Cleaning Cloth Created for Busy People

Spend your time doing the things you love with the people you love! Not cleaning endlessly and trying to figure out which cloth to use for what job!


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