Spring Cleaning Checklist and Tips

April 14, 2017 Stacy Wagner

A Spring Cleaning Checklist can be difficult to wrap your head around.   Just getting the cleaning done in general can be a challenge and that's before adding everything you haven't kept up with over the last year!  When I plan my Spring Cleaning, it needs to be broken down, simple and possible to actually accomplish - or it's not happening!  Here are some great tips on how to keep Spring Cleaning simple... Separate Spring Cleaning Tasks from Regular Cleaning Have a Plan or a List (see checklist below) Get Started Start High Break It Up Use Good Tools (Like Toryen Cleaning Cloth) Know what...

Before You Start Spring Cleaning

April 06, 2017 Stacy Wagner

I have been a Cleaning Lady for over a decade.  I used my cleaning knowledge and experience to brand Toryen and bring you the most useful, simple, effective cleaning cloth on the market.  I count on Toryen to make me the best at my job every single day.   I invite you to Sparkle & Shine with us here at Toryen.  Let us help you clean easier, better, faster!

Best Microfiber Cloth - How to Choose?

January 22, 2017 Stacy Wagner

 Microfiber is a fabric with fine fibers, each fiber measuring less than One Denier. Microfiber is typically made from a blend of Polyester, Polyamide, Rayon or Nylon. With so many Microfibers on the market, it can be a difficult to choose. Please allow us show you why Toryen is your best option... (If you want the quick answer without reading, just scroll down to the chart!) What Determines the Quality of Microfiber? The Blend of Polyester and Polyamide Split vs. Non Split Fibers Number and Size of Fibers Tightness of the Fiber Weave The Blend - Most microfibers are...

Cleaning Product Must Have!

November 21, 2016 Stacy Wagner

I am not Martha Stewart, but I have been around the block when it comes to cleaning!  Owning a cleaning Service for over a Decade and having tried every cleaning product I could get my hands there are only a few products that have been worthy of occupying my cleaning arsenal to help me really Clean House!  I love to use effective green cleaning products whenever possible.  Keyword being effective! Finding natural cleaning products that work...the struggle is real people! Today I will introduce you to the one cleaning product to which I attribute my success as a cleaning lady. ...

How to clean Stainless Steel

November 20, 2016 Stacy Wagner

You love the look of Stainless Steel!  Who doesn't?  It's so shiney and strong.  You know it won't rust and it seems indestructible! So, you finally purchased those stainless steel appliances you've been dreaming about and saving for. They were beautiful - for a week or so! Now - not so much! Your dream turned into a nightmare full of fingerprints, food smears and streaks. These appliances seem impossible to get and keep clean.  What can I use to clean stainless steel, you ask?  Lucky for you, I have a great solution that happens to be quick, simple, effective and affordable!...