How to clean Stainless Steel

November 20, 2016 Stacy Wagner

You love the look of Stainless Steel!  Who doesn't?  It's so shiney and strong.  You know it won't rust and it seems indestructible!

So, you finally purchased those stainless steel appliances you've been dreaming about and saving for.

They were beautiful - for a week or so!  Now - not so much! Your dream turned into a nightmare full of fingerprints, food smears and streaks. These appliances seem impossible to get and keep clean. 

What can I use to clean stainless steel, you ask?  Lucky for you, I have a great solution that happens to be quick, simple, effective and affordable!

How to clean Stainless Steel

What you need

-Sink, pail or big bowl that holds water

-One Toryen Cleaning cloth

-Some elbow grease (not a lot)

-a few minutes at the most

Before You Start

Remove any magnets, art work, photos, or other fridge worthy accomplishments

Let's get started

  1. Fill your sink, pail or bowl with warm water.

~toryentip~ if you feel like you need additional cleaning power, feel free to add a 1/2 cup of white vinegar to your water.

   2.  Completely saturate your Toryen rag into water or water vinegar solution.      

3.  Wring Toryen out well, really well, so there's no excess water in your rag.

~toryentip~ wringing out well is the key to no water spots

  1. Going with the grain of your stainless wipe up and down or back and forth until prints, smears and chunks are gone. The tiny pores in toryen grab residue and pull it from the surface leaving your stainless beautifully clean. 
  1. Now wait ! Allow a few minutes for your stainless surface to dry to a flawless sparkling shine.
Take a look at how these gals from The Inspired Home were able to quickly clean stainless appliances with no steaks or spots! Scroll down a bit when you get there. 
You love your stainless again, don't you?
Here are some great before and after photos of cleaning stainless steel with Toryen.  
  • Notes: Never use polish, oil, or cleaner on your stainless.  Stainless Steel cleaning products can result in a temporarily clean appearance with residue that collects and dust, streaks, and sets fingerprints. If you have used products on your stainless surfaces or have a film from the packaging the appliances came in, they can both be difficult to remove. You will need to strip the product to get down to the original finish of your stainless. I have had good luck removing product with a magic eraser, cream of tartar, or foaming citrus cleaner.
  • Always wipe with the grain of the stainless steel and be gentle.
  • Put any cleaning solutions you use on your rag, not on the appliance, to prevent running and streaking.

The process of stainless steel cleaning product removal can be tedious but definitely worth it. When removal is complete you are always only a couple minutes to toryenclean using the instructions above.  

Want to see what others are saying about Toryen before you buy?  Check out these Testimonials from some of our happy customers!.

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