How to Clean the Shower & Tub

With Toryen Microfiber Towels

I know a lot of people who love a clean shower and tub.  That being said, I have never had anyone tell me that they love cleaning their shower or their tub!  

I would have to agree that cleaning the showerand tub is not exactly fun. It's work, and depending on how long you have put it off, it can be gross. At the very least you are dealing with cleaning soap scum. Worst case scenario, a thick visible layer of grime, dead skin and dirt, lime and oils all set into the scum.

I clean showers and tubs every single day. I've  spent years perfecting the task itself and finding the tools that make cleaning your shower and tub easier and faster.  

I want the shower perfectly clean but I do not want the process to suck the life out of me.

How to clean the shower

Getting your shower looking fantastic can be easy with these cleaning tips and tools. Here's how-


Tools for Tub and Shower Cleaning 

-Bathroom Cleaner -Our Favorite DIY Recipe
                               -Toryen Cleaning Cloth
Tip:  We also love Melaleucas Tub & Tile  which is a safe and effective cleaning solution. It comes in a concentrate and one small bottle makes me about 6 spray bottles of bathroom cleaner. This stuff is awesome, because it works! I will only ever recommend products to you that work.  If you want a cleaner you can quickly grab at the store, scrubbing bubbles will work as well.  


Preparations Before Shower & Tub Scrubbing

Clear your tub/shower of shampoo, soap, shavers, wash cloths and anything else that is sitting around the ledges.

What to do with all of the bottles in the shower

This is my favorite way to organize the bottles and "stuff" in your shower.  It makes cleaning SO MUCH EASIER! 

Let's Get the Cleaning Party Started
  1. Spray your tub/shower down generously with your cleaner
  2. Let it sit for 10 minutes or so

Tip:   This is a great time to clean the sink, mirror or toilet. Why not pass the time by getting a couple more tasks completed. If you have already done all of that, sort a drawer or go through bottles under the sink and throw away empties or stuff you haven't used in the last 6 months.

  1. Saturate your Toryen cleaning rag and wring it out well.
  2. Use Toryen to wipe every surface of your tub and shower to a sparkling shine.

Tip:  Get in your shower to clean it! Really, go ahead and hop right in there!  It is difficult to reach every spot in your shower, standing outside of your shower. It makes for less reaching and straining and it speeds up the process.

Tip: Do you have any rust spots in your shower/tub? Rust can happen from bobby pins or the bottom of metal containers such as shaving cream. Use Barkeepers friend to remove the rust. Just put a little on your Toryen Cleaning rag and scrub away the rust. Start out gentle, but you may have to apply some pressure to remove the stain. Don't have any Barkeepers handy? Grab the toothpaste!  Toothpaste will scrub the rust away the same way it scrubs plaque from your teeth.  Put a dab on your Toryen Microfiber Cloth and scrub away! 

Check out how Toryen has helped some of these gals get Toryenclean!

Here are a couple of pics I snapped before and after cleaning a dirty shower floor and dirty big tub. 

How to clean dirty shower floor

This shows the power of Toryen Microfiber Cloth and  Barkeepers Friend used together! 


How to clean big tub

Hair color in a white tub?  No match for our amazing Toryen Cleaning Rag! 

If you have any questions regarding cleaning your shower and tub, cleaning shower doors, cleaning shower grout, or green cleaning your shower, please feel free to email us at:   

If you clean your shower with the help of Toryen, we would love to see your before and after or a photo of your great work. 

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