Spring Cleaning Tip

Spring Cleaning can be super overwhelming! 

 All of the jobs that have been waiting all year for you are craving your cleaning attention.  Getting ready to take on these tasks requires an agenda. 

I have tried many tips and tricks when it comes to Spring Cleaning.  Some work well and some just aren't for me.

This is one tip I tried, held on to and repeat Spring after Spring.   It's actually something I do every day for a week before I ever start my cleaning spree. 

I call it  "A Bag A Day"

 It's so easy, I am guessing almost anyone in your home could work along side of you to make it more fun and the job go quickly. 

What is "A Bag A Day" ???

For "A Bag A Day"  all you need is a little motivation and a garbage bag.  Maybe a box of garbage bags. 

Now grab your bag and  choose a starting point in your home.  Do a lap, throwing anything you can find that you consider garbage or not useful in the bag. 

Some people prefer to concentrate on a specific area at a time.  I start with the laps and do the easy stuff first.  When I run out of easy and obvious things to get rid of I move to specific areas like junk drawers and closets. 

It is quite surprising how some preparation before you start Spring Cleaning can really speed things up when you get to the actual cleaning part. 

Even if you can only fill one bag, it will be a bag full of stuff that you won't be cleaning around or sorting through as you tackle those Spring Cleaning Tasks!  

Get Started with this Spring Cleaning Checklist from Toryen!





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