How to Clean your Toilet In Half the Time...

by using a piece of toilet paper about the same size you would use to wipe with! 

Toilet Cleaning Tip 

Now that I have your attention and have quite possibly even offended you with my measurement, you do know exactly how much toilet paper you will need to speed up the process of cleaning the toilet. 

I am not talking about the inside of the toilet, that's the easy part! 

I mean, they make tools for it!  Cleaners in a convenient bottle to squeeze up under the rim and brushes with ergonomic handles that come with cutesie little holders to store them in. 

What about the outside of the toilet? The gross part with pee splashes, lint and hair?  The nasty ick that clings to the plumbing and knobs, down the sides and at the base of your throne.  For lack of a better word I refer to that stuff as "lintypeehair". 

how to clean the toilet

That's the part NOBODY wants to clean! 

It's GROSS and who knows what in the world has collected down there.  It seems there is just no good way and certainly no good tools to clean this nastiness. 

I love hearing from customers about how well Toryen cleans everything, but todays tip is all about taking an extra step with something everyone has available to them in the bathroom, to speed up the toilet cleaning process. 

I have cleaned a lot of toilets in my day.  My best guess is around 1000 a year for the last 10 years... that puts me around 10,000 toilets. Dang, that makes me feel like I should go triple wash my hands just thinking about it! 

In that time I have tried any and everything to make this disgusting job easier, faster and more tolerable to accomplish. 

What's my magic trick for cleaning the outside of your toilet?

That wad of wiping size toilet paper I was referring to earlier... that's the ticket!

It is not rocket science or fancy, but it works. 

So, here is how -

Before you start any sort of cleaning on or around your toilet, use your wad of toilet paper to wipe the lintypeehair collection from the outside of the toilet and the floor surrounding it. 

clean the toilet

Look at how much lintypeehair a piece of toilet paper picks up! 

Do you have some super stuck on yuck?

If you do, after wiping up the loose removable lint, just spray the area down with an all purpose cleaner or even water.  Simply getting it wet and letting it sit for a couple of minutes will allow you to easily wipe away a majority of the yuck. 

Throw your toilet paper wad into your toilet and flush it.  Now you can go on cleaning your toilet as usual without constantly filling your cleaning rag with ick.  When you get to the outside of your toilet, you will be amazed at how quickly it cleans up. 

You have eliminated the wiping, rinsing, re-wiping, re-rinsing nightmare created by cleaning the outside of your toilet.  No more completely gross cleaning rag full of lintypeehair that you need to keep going to the sink to rinse out.

Because EWE, nobody wants to touch that stuff not to mention get it in your cleaning cloths.   

Now one wet and well wrung Toryen will clean the outside of the toilet and surrounding areas to a sparkling shine. 

Plus all of the gunk you removed is where it belongs... down the toilet and not in your bathroom sink and drain. 

Bonus... To clean a gross toilet seat full of splashes underneath - Spray the area with that all purpose cleaner.  Let it sit a for a couple of minutes. Wipe the splashes and area around where the toilet lid attaches to the toilet with another wad of toilet paper and flush it.  Now you will not have those splashes in your cleaning cloth.  Continue by doing a final cleaning of the area with Toryen. 

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