Cleaning Product Must Have!

I am not Martha Stewart, but I have been around the block when it comes to cleaning!

Being a cleaning professional for over a Decade and having tried every cleaning product I could get my hands on, there are only a few products that have been worthy of occupying my cleaning arsenal to help me really Clean House! 

I love to use effective green cleaning products whenever possible.  Keyword being effective!  If they don't work I just throw them out! 

Finding natural cleaning products that really work...the struggle is real people!

Today I will introduce you to the one cleaning product to which I attribute my success as a cleaning lady.  My "staple".  My "I could not do my job with out this thing"! 


Toryen is a Reusable Cleaning Cloth that is Washer, Dyer and Bleach Safe. 

You can use Toryen to clean with water alone or with your favorite cleaners and cleaning solutions. 

Toryen cleans effectively
 Leaving no streaks, lint, residue, or scratches 
 For Real! 

I get asked all of the time...

Is Toryen a Microfiber?

Yes, but not your typical, run of the mill Microfiber. It is a more tightly woven fabric, thinner, and cleans aggressively, without scratching, literally pulling dirt and residue from all washable surfaces. 

Toryen looks, feels and works differently than a thick loopy microfiber rag. It has the feel, thickness and appearance of a beefed up of a coffee filter . It's tightly woven fibers are what makes it a cleaning machine! 

Toryen washes, dries and polishes in one Step.  

Hair rinses off Toryen easily and does not tangle itself in the cloth.

Toryen is thinner than normal microfiber, allowing you to feel what you are cleaning (like food stuck to a countertop) so you can feel when a surface is clean. 

Toryen does not snag on rough skin and stick itself to hangnails or cracks in dry hands. 

Is Toryen like Norwex?

Nope! Toryen is one rag, one color, just one step to wash, dry and polish.  It's affordable, versatile, easy to care for and does not contain silver.

Toryen is the only rag I ever use to clean absolutely anything from my countertops to my toilet seats, from my drinking glasses to the windshield in my car.  Just don't clean your drinking glasses immediately after your toilet seat! Lol! 

 Toryen will give you a clean you can't imagine until you try it for yourself!

 If you are ready to get toryenclean?

Place your order! 

 If you want some proof that Toryen works as well as we say it does...

 Check out these Reviews from some Awesome Bloggers who cant stop talking about cleaning with Toryen!

How about some some great before and after photos from our Photo Gallery! From Gross to Gorgeous with Toryen!





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