How to Calculate Household Toilet Paper Demand

So we all know that toilet paper is in short supply these days!


Because people are stockpiling!
Buying it all up! 

Have you been Hoarding Toilet Paper?

I wish I would have, but I didnt understand! 

Rewinding about six weeks, I couldn't figure it out! Toilet paper?  Really?  "Does Coronavirus give people extreme diarrhea?" I asked my Sister, as she told me over the phone, that toilet paper was the latest thing to be absent on the shelves of Las Vegas stores. 

"No", she said, "I think it's a cough/respiratory thing."

Our conversation continued with some quandaries, that mainly focused on why people with a cough or pneumonia would need additional toilet paper. 

Toilet Paper is in High Demand! 

It must be true!  After all, she had been spot on when reporting people were buying up all of the hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies.  It happened out there first, then within 3 days, the same thing was happening here in Wisconsin. 
It didn't take me more than a few minutes to decide that I would need to stop by the store on my way home that day, and um..... not hoard, but stock up! 

So I did, I bought a heavy months supply of toilet paper..... That lasted little more than a week!

How could I have been so far off? 

Did the short supply make us subconciously start using way more toilet paper, for fear of running out?

As I pondered my miscalculation, it all came together fore me.  Why the hoarding?  How I didn't purchase enough?  All of it! 

Starting the pandemic without an ample supply of toilet paper was one of the most inconvenient fails I've had in a while. 

I put myself in the position of having to leave the house, on the daily, just to snag the couple roll limit, until I lucked out and found and instock case online and had that baby shipped right to my front doorstep! 

If I had calculated the toilet paper demand in my household appropriately..... I would not have had to spend a week scavanging butt wipe, a roll here, a roll there and putting my health at risk.  Stupid, but necessary!

It's a little crazy to think that having enough toilet paper these days could save your life. (Really, the fewer times we leave home, the lower the risk, so in reality, it could.)

I don't want anyone to run short of toilet paper and have to play catch up, like I did! 


I have developed this formula to help you Calculate Toilet Paper Demand for your Household

In preparation for the pandemic, I purchased 20 rolls, thinking I would be all set for a month.  This is why after one week, I was left scrambling for toilet paper.

Don't let this happen to you!  Use my formula to be prepared!  Then you can stay at home, safe, with your family, instead of going store to store, scrammbling for toilet paper!









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