Stinky Dish Rag? Dirty Cleaning Cloth? Solved!

No More Stinky Rags! 

In a perfect world, there's always a fresh dry dish rag draped over your sink and your favorite cleaning cloth stays eternally clean.

In reality, one of the kids threw your dish cloth a bowl of half cereal milk, half water in the sink.  Most likely after they wiped up the soda they spilled on the floor while you were at work.


Maybe not, but then why isn't the dish rag clean and draped nicely on the sink divider like it was this morning?

Hmmm....  Gross!



As long as I'm being brutally honest here...

Your favorite cleaning cloth...

Yeah, that's dirty too!

Why? Because you use it to clean up dirt, dust, grime and residue. Maybe even some food, fingerprints and whatever lingers in the bathroom.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a cloth you could use for both dishes and cleaning?

A rag that cleans up easy.

A cloth that dries fast and a quick way to kill the bacteria and get it clean?

I've got good news for you, my friend!


TORYEN microfiber cloth is the miracle you have been dreaming of.


It is the most SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE way to clean and it is also MICROWAVABLE!


Just throw your wet Toryen in the Microwave

On High

For Two Minutes


No more bacteria!

No more smell!


You are going to love Toryen Microwavable Cloth

 Beware! Not all dish rags and cleaning cloths are microwavable! Cloths that contain silver will cause damage if microwaved.  

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