Spring Cleaning Checklist and Tips

A Spring Cleaning Checklist can be difficult to wrap your head around. 

 Just getting the cleaning done in general can be a challenge and that's before adding everything you haven't kept up with over the last year! 

When I plan my Spring Cleaning, it needs to be broken down, simple and possible to actually accomplish - or it's not happening! 

Here are some great tips from Toryen on how to keep Spring Cleaning simple...

  • Separate Spring Cleaning Tasks from Regular Cleaning
  • Have a Plan or a List (see checklist below)
  • Get Started
  • Start High
  • Break It Up
  • Use Good Tools (Like Toryen Cleaning Cloth)
  • Know what works and have it on hand
  • Save your regular cleaning for the Grand Finale

Use these tips along with my Spring Cleaning Checklist  below and you should have a pretty good start on a simple plan to make your home Sparkle and Shine!


Happy Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning Checklist


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