Cleaning Tips from Toryen Microfiber Cloth

Cleaning Tips that Work! 

Check out these awesome cleaning tips from Toryen 

How to Clean Easy


When you are cleaning something dirty or caked on, soaking is your friend!  Spray it down, let it soak, then wipe it clean with a well wrung Toryen Cloth.  Soaking will save you elbow grease and time!


Save time Cleaning the Toilet


When cleaning the outside of a toilet, use a generous amount of damp toilet paper to pre wipe up a bulk of the lint, hair and dust on and around the toilet, then flush it.  Now proceed to clean actually clean the outside of the toilet.  This will save you time since you won't be pushing around the big stuff endlessly.


How to Clean the Bathroom Mirror 


Does your bathroom mirror always have streaks near the top when you clean it?  Guess what?  It is the lights that create the streaks!  When you clean your mirror, turn the lights off.  Wipe down your mirror with a well wrung Toryen, give it a minute to dry, then turn the lights back on.  Enjoy your Streak Free mirror!


How to Dust. Wash Dry Polish in One Step. 


Use Toryen to dust.  Get it wet, wring it out well and wipe down your dusty, finger printy, smudged up surfaces. One swipe will clean and polish up every surface with no greasy residue from dusting agents to attract future dust.  Toryen traps dust so you are not just pushing it around. You will enjoy perfectly clean surfaces with no streaks, lint, residue or scratches every single time, in one easy step.  Keep Cleaning Simple!


How to Clean Glass


Use Toryen to clean glass to a sparkling shine with no streaks, lint, residue or scratches.  Just wet it, wring it out well, wipe your glass to a flawless finish. 

 Watch us Clean a Glass Door with our Microfiber Cloth


Window Cleaning Tip


When cleaning windows, wipe vertically on one side and horizontally on the other.  If you smear something you will know which side to re-wipe.


 How to Clean the Shower


Spray down your shower with your favorite cleaning solution.  Wet and wring Toryen and wipe your shower to a sparkling shine.  Rinse and re-wring Toryen as needed.  No need to dry or polish. Toryen does it all in one simple step with a well wrung rag.  Wipe it down, let it dry and be amazed!

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How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances


Clean your Stainless Steel Appliances to a flawless shine leaving no streaks, lint, residue or scratches.  All you need is a wet, well wrung Toryen Microfiber Cloth.  If there is a film on the appliance from other products or packaging, strip the film with a magic eraser then maintain it with Toryen in less than a minute every time you clean it. 

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Speed up Cleaning the Shower


Get in your shower to clean it!  Spray it down with your favorite cleaning solution and let it soak for a minute.  Then hop right in there and wipe it down with a wet, well wrung Toryen Cleaning Cloth.  Hop back out, finish by wiping the floor and let it dry to a sparkling shine! 

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