How to Clean Windows with No Streaks

Cleaning Windows is EASY & FAST with just Toryen & Water!  


Get it Wet  -  Wring it out Well  -  Wipe Away the Yuck!


It took less than a minute to clean this super dirty window to a perfect shine. Cleaned, Dried & Polished in one easy step with Toryen.


Before and After Cleaning Patio Window with Toryen Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and Water

Window Cleaning Tips

#1 Wipe vertically when cleaning one side of the window and horizontally on the other side.  Then when you are done, if you've smeared something, you know which side to go to for your finishing touches. 

#2  For super dirty windows with grime build up... just a couple drops of dawn dish soap in your water goes along way.  It will help cut through the layers of grime and save you some elbow grease. Wipe down initially with and old Toryen cleaning cloth that is pretty wet.  Wipe again with a clean dry Toryen microfiber cloth.

#3  If you feel the need to use a window cleaning solution, we recommend one of these.

   -Warm water and a couple drops of blue dawn dish Soap in a spray bottle..


   - Mix 1 cup alcohol, 1/4 teaspoon cornstarch in a spray bottle.  Fill the rest with warm water.  Shake it up before each time you spray. 


More Homemade Cleaning Solutions 






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