FAQ Toryen Premium Microfiber

Q:    How long doTORYEN microfiber towels last?

TORYEN reusable cleaning rag can last up to three years depending on usage and care. You can use Toryen to clean 100's of times to clean your home.  They do get used up eventually depending on how hard you use them.  They do not tear or rip.  

 Q:    How do I clean TORYEN microfiber cloth?

There are a couple of options. To wash you can either wash by hand with water and a bit of dish soap or just throw TORYEN in the washing machine with detergent. Either hang to air dry or throw TORYEN in the dryer. TORYEN is also bleachable.  

**Do not use any form of fabric softener or dusting agent with TORYEN**  

Q:    How do I use TORYEN microfiber towels?

Saturate, wring out well, wipe surfaces. Clean with either water alone or with your favorite cleaning solutions. A clean and well wrung rag will not leave streaks, lint or residue.

**Do not use any type of oil or dusting agent with TORYEN**

 Q:    Will TORYEN microfiber scratch my surfaces?

No. A clean rag will not scratch your surfaces.

 Q:    Can I use TORYEN microfiber cloths with my regular cleaning solutions?

Yes you can. Clean green or not, it is your choice!  TORYEN can be used to clean with water alone (which makes it simply the best ecofriendly cleaning product) or with your favorite cleaning solutions.

**Do not use any type of oil or dusting agent with TORYEN**

 Q:    Will TORYEN microfiber towels stain?

Over time with heavy usage TORYEN will stain, but continue to work well. Washing after every use and bleaching when necessary will keep TORYEN looking fresh and clean longer.

 Q:    What if I accidentally use fabric softener when washing or drying my TORYEN cleaning cloth ?    

Wash TORYEN by hand vigorously with dish soap.  This should break down the softener and clear the tiny pores of being plugged. Wash as many times as it takes to free TORYEN of softener coating and plugging the rag.

 Q:    Can I use TORYEN microfiber cleaning cloths dry?

Yes. I use TORYEN dry to clean glass with a glass cleaning solution that I mix up in a spray bottle. I also use TORYEN dry on TV screens and electronics.  After using TORYEN for a while, you will have your own favorite ways to clean all of the surfaces in and outside of your home. Feel free to email me your great ideas if you would like me to share them with others here on the TORYEN website.

 Q:    Can I order TORYEN microfiber cloths in bulk?

You can purchase TORYEN in multiples of 25 which will give you the best price per cloth on your purchase.  If you are a cleaning professional ordering 25 packs, please email us at toryenclean@yahoo.com and we will send you a generous coupon.   If you would like to order in bulk, also contact us at toryenclean@yahoo.com for bulk pricing.

 Q:    Why is TORYEN microfiber so effective?

TORYEN is made up of barely visible fibers which are tightly woven together. The fibers create many tiny pores that grab the yuck you are wiping up instead of pushing it around like other cleaning cloths.   

Q:  How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Orders within the USA will arrive 3-8 days after purchase.  Packages are sent USPS, First Class.  If you need a tracking number or your package has not arrived within 8 business days, email us at toryenclean@yahoo.com.

International orders will arrive 7-25 days after the date of purchase.

Q:  Can I cut my Toryen cleaning cloths? 

Yes, you can cut the Toryen Cloths.  They will not unravel.  Some people cut them in half and others cut them into quarters. Just depends on the job you are doing and what you prefer.  

Q:  What are the dimensions of a single microfiber cloth?

Each cloth measures 16" x 16"

Q:  Can I put Toryen microfiber in the Microwave to sanitize it?

Yes you can sanitize Toryen in the Microwave.  I recommend 2 minutes for a wet cloth.  

Q:  Where can I purchase Toryen Microfiber Cleaning Cloths?

Here on the website.  This is the only place you will find Toryen for sale.  

Q: How many Toryen microfiber cloths come in a pack?

We sell a One pack, Two pack, Three pack, Five pack and Ten pack.  For larger quantities and pricing, please contact us via email at toryenclean@yahoo.com

Q:  Does Toryen microfiber contain silver? 

There is no silver in Toryen.  This means there is no risk of scratching your surfaces with a clean cloth.

Q:  Is Toryen like other microfiber cloths? 

No it is not.  Toryen has a coffee filter/paper like consistency but is much, much stronger. It is made from very tightly woven fibers.  I love the feel of a fresh crispy cloth.  If you prefer a more worn in feel, just wash and dry Toryen before you use it.  Toryen will not attach itself to  your skin like regular microfiber.  Hair and fuzz will not stick to or weave itself into the cloth.  Hair and fuzz rinses off the cloth easily. No more pulling what you cleaned up, off, or out of your cloth! 

Q:  Can I feel the surface I am cleaning with Toryen cleaning cloths? 

Yes you can.  Since Toryen is thin and lightweight, you can feel food on countertops and soap scum in the shower.  More importantly you can feel when the surface is clean.  

Q:  How long does it take Toryen microfiber towels to dry? 

A well wrung, hung cloth dries in a half hour or less if there is good air movement.  In the dryer Toryen will dry in less than 10 minutes. 

Q: What can I clean with Toryen? 

Almost anything! Really, any surface you would normally clean can be cleaned with Toryen Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.  Click here for a list.  

Q:  Can I write a review? 

Yes, we love reviews!  Please send reviews and testimonials to sparkleanshine@toryenclean.com We will share them on our testimonials page for other visitors to read.