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We have been very fortunate to work with some fantastic people who have helped us spread the word about Toryen! 


Carolyn Forte is the Home Appliances, Cleaning Products and Textiles Director for Good Housekeeping Institute.  She was so impressed after testing Toryen in the Good Housekeeping Lab, she featured Toryen in her "Ask Carolyn" Column of the July 2017 issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine. 

Carolyn Forte from Good Housekeeping Magazine calls Toryen her go-to cleaning cloth


Press release written by the good folks at the HOTH and distributed to thousands of media outlets across the country. 

Veteran House Cleaner Launches Revolutionary TORYEN Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Good for hundreds of uses, special new lint-free cloth never
leaves streaks, smears, or scratches; sheds hair easily; and can
be used with water or cleaning solution, TORYEN reports
There is now a better, easier way to clean, thanks to the
launch of the new TORYEN. Inspired by ten years of full-time,
professional cleaning experience, TORYEN washes, drys, and
polishes in one simple step. Usable with water alone or with a preferred cleaning
solution, TORYEN never leave streaks, lint, smears, or scratches, even on
delicate, challenging surfaces.
With tightly woven fibers collecting dirt, dust, grime, and scum, TORYEN is washer-, dryer-, bleach-, and microwave-safe. Now
revolutionizing the way that many people clean, TORYEN is made from a silver-
free microfiber blend that is specially tuned to excel on even the toughest jobs.
Visitors to the new TORYEN website can learn more about the innovative
product, sign up to receive tips and coupons, and order their own long-lasting,
hair-shedding cleaning cloths.
"As a professional home cleaner, there's nothing I love more than hearing how
much my services mean to my clients," said TORYEN founder Stacy Wagner.
"On the other hand, the work of cleaning itself has sometimes seemed to be
unnecessarily difficult and time consuming. Once I realized that I was being held
back by my tools, I began searching for a better solution. TORYEN is the result of
that quest, and I'm happy to be able to share this truly revolutionary product with
the world."
A "microfiber" is one whose diameter is smaller than one denier, a unit of
measurement approximately equal to the thickness of a strand of spider's silk.
Synthetic microfibers can be used to create materials with precisely selected
characteristics that range far beyond what natural fibers would allow for.
TORYEN cleaning products improve upon traditional microfiber cloths in a
number of significant ways. Including only split fibers whose pores trap dirt,
grease, and lint, the proprietary microfiber blend used in TORYEN dries quickly,
always retains its shape, and can last through years of regular cleaning without
ripping, tearing, or stretching.
By providing people everywhere with an easier, faster, better option, TORYEN is
already revolutionizing the common task of cleaning. With TORYEN now
available to all at the company's newly launched website, every order is backed
by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
As an easier, faster, better way to clean, TORYEN microfiber cloths wash, dry,
and polish in a single step and can provide years of trouble-free service.
Media Contact:
Stacy Wagner
Evansville, WI 53536 
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