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Efficiency & Simplicity in Cleaning 

Finally a Cleaning Cloth that works! 

I have been cleaning houses with a packed schedule and a waiting list for 10 years. I do not love cleaning!  Yes, I repeat, I do not love cleaning, I just happen to be really good at it!

The part of cleaning that I do love is my clients and their gratitude. Cleaning is only the action of what I do.  It's really all about giving people the relief and peace of mind that comes with a clean house. That "Ahhh... Stacy was here today" feeling as they walk through the door.  I know how grateful they are by the messages I frequently get at the end of the day!   A couple of my favorites over the years...

"I love you more than my husband."
"Thank you for making our house Sparkle and Shine!"
"This is my favorite day to come home!"


Do I take 100% of the credit for cleaning my clients houses to a sparkling shine?


But today I am going to fess up...

I have a secret weapon, an old faithful - It is my staple cleaning cloth!  Toryen Microfiber Cloth is the foundation of every single thing I clean.  

I know TORYEN is the reason I can do my job well, because I started in the industry without it.  It took me years of trying every single cleaning rag, towel, fabric, and suggestion I could get my hands on, to find this miracle. 

Back when my girls started school, I cleaned only a couple of houses, to earn some spending money along with my job driving school bus.  The extra money was nice and this job allowed me to be home when the girls were home.  But WOW!  Cleaning was ALOT of work!  It took me a very long time to get a house as clean as I thought it should be. 

I knew there had to be an easier way than scrubbing and washing then drying, touching up, wiping up streaks and polishing off water spots.  

I didn't have time to keep switching cloths depending on wether I was washing, drying or polishing.  I couldn't be pulling hair or fuzz out of my cleaning rag every 30 seconds, or having the cloth grab at my skin and snag on my nails.

Truly irritated that I just could not seem to find a cleaning cloth that worked - that's when I began my die hard search for better tools.  

I wanted a rag that was no nonsense, simple to use, light weight, easy to care for and versatile!  

One cleaning cloth - not a 4 rag system.

And most of all... a cloth that works, every time on every surface. 

The best cleaning cloth for the kitchen
A rag that would clean everything in the bathroom
A dusting cloth that would remove fingerprints
A no lint, no streak cleaning towel for glass
A cloth to clean stainless steel quick & flawlessly


I landed on TORYEN and never looked back! 

I have to credit Toryen Microfiber for the quality of my work, because when I began using it, the referrals started rolling in! 

With my schedule full and my back tired, I decided the only way to share Toryen with more people was to create a business around my microfiber cleaning cloth!  I have sold Toryen locally, to repeat customers, with a vision of offering it to you, here, online.

I have been dreaming of changing my career from being a great cleaning lady, to helping others clean as fast and easily as I do.  

I want to give those who clean their own homes (which would also be me) a simple and effective tool to "Get the cleaning done and make time for the Good Stuff!"

So, here we go!

 Toryen Microfiber Cloth. Meet my family Mike, Stacy, Leah, Mekenzie Wagner

Meet my awesome family!  Husband - Mike and Daughters - Leah & Mekenzie.  They have listened to my "Toryen Microfiber Cloth" ramblings for years! They've lived through Mom learning how to build a website and helped me figure out Social Media (with the frequent deserving eye roll at my lack of techincal skills). 

Fun Story:  When Toryen was featured in Good Housekeeping Magazine it happened to be the same month as our annual family vacation.  SO...We loaded up the entire business and took it with us!  Mike, the girls and their two friends loaded and unloaded boxes at each stop as we made our way to Florida. They helped pack and send orders every day around vacation fun!  I guess that's how you know when you have a true "family business" and a dedicated family who will really do anything to support your dream! 

 Are you Ready to try Our Microfiber Cleaning Cloth?

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