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"I am a neat freak, but that being said I do not want to clean all day, I want to clean effectively and quickly.  Toryen is completely different from any other mirco cleaning cloth I have ever tried.  This cloth is great to use.  I dampened the cloth, and wiped down anything and everything in my home.  There is NO lint, and the cloth does not snag on your hands as other micro cloths do .  You can use any cleaner with the cloth, and throw it in the washing machine and dryer when you are done. Thank you for using your years of cleaning experience to make a great product!"      - Michelle

Dearest Stacy Toryen Distributor, I absolutely love these cleaning cloths! I wash my dishes, dust, clean my bathroom, wash windows, remove stains & so much more. For years I used furniture polish, windex, sponges, old towels for rags. I no longer use any of these items! Toryen is the only cloth I use. My furniture shines much better than using polish. My Windows no longer have streaks. The porcelain, tub, shower & mirrors just shine bright & any hair in the bathroom doesn't stick to the rag. Thank you for your great cleaning product!  -SC

"Stacy gave me a Toryen to try.  I will admit at first glance I was a little nervous.  But I promised to try it.  I started with my patio door, which I can never get clean even after a whole roll of paper towels and a half of a bottle of windex.  With Toryen I just used water and in ONE MINUTE my patio door was spottless! I was so excited, I cleaned my whole kitchen! This amazed me that everything was so easy to clean and with just one cloth and water.  My Son has been going through chemo and because of that the smell of household cleaners makes him sick.  So this was perfect! No harsh chemicals, no smell and this one rag did all of the jobs quicker and easier.  Thank you Stacy!"      -Rene


"I just wanted to tell you I LOVE the Toryen cleaning cloth! I am amazed with how it cleans windows.  I tried it in the kitchen and all of the sudden I am wiping down doors and windows and faucets.  It was crazy! I used it on the windows with just water and on the rest with a drop of dish soap.  Love it! Way too easy! I didnt have the pile of paper towels following me when I did the windows. And it's so much faster! Why is that?  I am going to need more for me and my Mom. Thank You!"      -Sue


Text conversation I had with an awesome customer who need help cleaning some old wooden stairs....

Rachel: Got any tricks for cleaning finished wood stairs with Toryen?

Me: Just vacuum them and wipe them down with a wet, well wrung Toryen.  you will probably pull a ton of dirt and build up off.  Itll be super cool! I know, I need a life! Btw...No oil, no cleaner, no dusting stuff.  

Rachel: OK, Great, Thanks! 

Me: You Betcha! 

Rachel: They do look great! I'd take a pic but they might be too shiney! LOL! Thanks, I guess I am so used to using cleaners that don't really do anything. They look so great, I have to send you a pic! 

Wood Stairs Cleaned with Toryen Microfiber         Wood  Stairs cleaned with Toryen microfiber cleaning rag

Me: Thank you, they look fantastic! 

Rachel: Thank you for the awesome rags! 

Me: You betcha! Love me my cool customers!  

Rachel: Heck yeah! 


"Toryen really is this amazing.  I love it for my stainless steel appliances. Before, I felt like I never got them actually clean.  Now, with Toryen, it has reduced my cleaning time by 80% and the end result is flawless.  So worth it!  Another area I can never get clean is the windows in my car, but Toryen works with ease and no more streaks when the sun hits the windows!"        -Kelly


"Wow! I was amazed when Stacy asked me to  try a new cleaning rag for our restaurant which felt and appeared very different than our usual cleaning towels.  After giving Toryen a try I was very impressed with how well it  shines up all of our stainless steel after a full day of serving ice cream,  hot sandwhiches and coffee.  Toryen is fabulous at cleaning up any suface with much less scrubbing or wiping time.  The real plus is how easy it is to use and wash up after a full day of heavy use.  I truly appreciate Stacy, her contagious smile and generous attitude in sharing a good thing with us! Thank you Stacy!"  -Anne Barker, McFarland House Cafe


"Thanks for nothing Stacy! This damn thing is amazing! Now the husband will think I can clean... I want to order more.  From you or is online better?"      -Heidi