Toryen Microfiber is a Cleaning Essential

Toryen Cleaning Cloth removes fingerprints, dirt, grime, dust, and grease from all washable surfaces, leaving no steaks, scratches, lint or residue


clean granite countertops

We cleaned all three of these surfaces, granite countertop, stainless utensil holder and tile back splash with Toryen and water. No streaks, lint or scratches and most importantly no harmful chemicals or residue. 


 How to clean a stainless steel sink

We cleaned water spots, food and smears from this stainless steel sink and now it shines like it should!


How to clean a big tub

Our fantastic customer Jen sent us this photo! She  cleaned her big tub with Melaleucas Tub & Tile and Toryen Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.  


How to clean kitchen cabinets

We cleaned these kitchen cupboards with water and Toryen Microfiber Towels.  Anything else leaves residue and lint on this dark surface. 


Remove water spots from shower glass

The tile in this shower was cleaned with one of our favorite home made cleaners.  ( 1/2 Water, 1/2 hydrogen peroxide, 5 drops of Dawn Dish Soap)  The glass cleaned up flawlessly a wet, well wrung Toryen Cleaning Cloth.   


How to clean wood stairs

Rachel sent us this photo of her beautiful wood stairs.  She made them shine with just our Microfiber cleaning cloth and water! 


Clean lint from toilet.

The lint on the outside of the toilet is no match for Toryen!  Check out our Blog Post on saving time cleaning the toilet


 How to clean a dark wood tabletop

Dark wood tabletop cleans up fabulously with Toryen Microfiber and Water. 


Clean fungerpri ts from stainless steel appliances

We Clean stainless steel appliances in less than a minute each with a wet, well wrung Toryen. 


How to clean the bathroom sink

We wiped away the  toothpaste, lint, hair and scum in this sink with just one swipe.  


Glass shower doors with tiled shower. Remove soap scum grime and water spots

No build up of soap scum or water spots in this shower that gets wiped down with our premium microfiber cloth every other week.  


How to clean stainless steel dishwasher

Stainless steel dishwasher cleans up flawlessly with water and our Cleaning Cloth. 


How to clean stainless steel stove

We wiped away a couple of weeks worth of fingerprints from this stainless steel stove in under a minute with our microfiber cleaning rag and water. 


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