How To Choose the Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloth?

What is Microfiber?

Microfiber is a fabric with fine fibers, each fiber measuring less than One Denier. Microfiber is typically made from a blend of Polyester, Polyamide, Rayon or Nylon.

With so many Microfibers out there, it can be a difficult to choose. Please allow us show you why Toryen is your best option...

(If you want the quick answer without reading, just scroll down to the chart!)

 What Determines the Quality of Microfiber?

  1. The Blend of Polyester and Polyamide
  2. Split vs. Non Split Fibers
  3. Number and Size of Fibers
  4. Tightness of the Fiber Weave

The Blend - Most microfibers are made from a 70/30 or 80/20 Polyester/Polyamide blend. Some also contain Silver to inactivate bacteria, which can scratch surfaces. Toryen is made of a premium blend containing the perfect ratio to optimize cleaning power. Our Microfiber contains no silver, which means no scratches .  

Split vs. Non Split Fibers - To represent the cylindrical shape of a fiber, picture a pie turned up onto its side. A non split fiber is a full pie with no pieces missing. Split fibers would look like that same pie with every other piece of the pie removed. The spaces where the pie is missing are the pores that pick up and trap dirt, dust, grease, lint and oil as well as absorb liquid. You need somewhere for the yuck to go or you will just be pushing it around. Of course Toryen is made with split fibers only!  Always choose microfiber with split fibers for optimum cleaning power.

Number and Size of Fibers - The two are directly related. The thinner the fibers, the more of them it takes to make the cloth. Each split, in each fiber, represents a set of hands doing the work of pulling and trapping yuck from your surfaces. You want as many sets of hands helping you out as you possibly can. Just like the saying goes - Many hands make light work...So do many fibers with many splits!

Tightness of Weave - A good test for the quality of your Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is to hold it in both of your hands and give it a pull to see if it has any stretch to it. A fantastic, well put together cleaning cloth will not stretch at all. The more it stretches, the less cleaning power it has and the quicker it will fall apart. No stretch is key to a tight weave giving you a sturdy cloth that holds up over time and offers you remarkable cleaning power.

Toryen Microfiber


Notice Toryens Tight Weave - No Stretch! 


Traditional Microfiber

Premium Blend/Optimum Ratio

80/20 or 70/30 Typical Blend

Split Fibers Only

Split or Non Split Fibers

Fibers 100x Thinner Than Hair

Fibers 5-50x Thinner Than Hair

No Stretch - Tight Weave

Stretch - Weak Weave

No Silver = No Scratches

Can contain Silver = Possible Scratches

Dries Quickly

Dries Slowly

One Cloth to Wash, Dry, Polish

Separate Cloths per Task/Surface

Hair Rinses Off Effortlessly

Hair Works Into Cloth & Stays When Rinsed

Will Not Grab/Catch Dry Skin on Hands

Grabs/Catches Dry Skin on Hands

Dryer Safe

Not Safe for Dryer


No Bleach


What Makes Toryen Awesome?

Toryen is a single cloth cleaning system that washes, dries and polishes in one easy step, saving you time. Not 3 different clothes, to do 3 different jobs, in 3 separate steps, eating your time.

Toryen is made from the optimum blend of split fibers and contains no silver. This ensures you more scratch free cleaning power than both other blends of microfiber and traditional cleaning cloths, scratch free.

Our microfiber has absolutely no stretch at all, demonstrating its strength and plenty of durability to clean with you 100's of times over, saving you money.

Toryen is Washer, Dryer and Bleach safe making it easy to care for.

Looking for a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth that is lightweight and absorbent?  Look no further... a well wrung, hung Toryen dries in 30 minutes in an open room.

If you have been staying away from microfiber because you can't get over cleaning with water alone, I have some good news for you.  You can use Toryen to clean with water alone or you can use it with your favorite cleaning solutions.  


What will you experience using Toryen?

I have heard it time and time again... Toryen is SO easy to use and works SO well, it literally makes cleaning addictive. It's true! There are some specifics though that have made it my cleaning sidekick through a decade of housekeeping.

-You will be able to feel what you are cleaning. You actually feel the cloth removing the yuck and the clean surface being exposed from underneath of it. That is some real cleaning satisfaction!

-Nothing sticks to or weaves itself into the cloth. Everything you remove from a surface rinses right off. There will never be any hair that you will need to pull out of the cloth. Just rinse, wring and get back to cleaning.

-Our Microfiber does not stick to or grab at the dry skin, cracks or hangnails on your hands. It is so tightly woven and its surfaces is so smooth it will not snag or attach itself to you.

-Most Importantly, you will experience a clean that you can't believe. No scratches, streaks, haze, lint, grease, residue or fingerprints with Toryen!  

Take a look at how Toryen helps Silvie keep everything clean