Wholesale Microfiber Towels
Wholesale Microfiber Towels

Wholesale Microfiber Towels

$ 170.00

Toryen Microfiber Cloth

Cleaning - Simplified

- No Streaks, No Lint, No Scratches

- One Cloth to Wash, Dry & Polish

- Washer Safe, Dryer Safe & Bleachable

We pride ourselves in offering you the most simple & effective cleaning method on the market, for all washable surfaces.  

Our Goal is to help you clean efficiently and flawlessly every single time you use Toryen Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.  


- Toryen Premium Microfiber Cloth is 16" x 16"

- Each Cloth comes individually labeled with use & care instructions

- Toryen Microfiber Towels are safe to use on all washable surfaces


Use - Toryen Microfiber Cloth

Get It Wet

Wring it out Well

Wipe Away the Yuck

Care - Toryen Microfiber Towels

Wash Toryen in the Washing Machine or by hand.  Toryen can be dried in the Dryer or hung to dry.  

Use detergent and rinse. 

Never use Fabric Softeners with Toryen. 


Our Microfiber Cloth is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.  We do not believe in selling anyone a product they do not love! 

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